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***TG's FIX FOR T1.5 no ore spawning at bottom of comments!***


RAW MATERIALS PROCESSOR (RMP) smelts ore into ingots (1/4th the weight, 20% more valuable), refines resources into fuel & extrudes ingots into armors.
Processes L1-3 materials; upgrade for L4-10.

RMPs generate BONUS RESOURCES during processing; sell them or refine into NEW FUELS.

DUAL ASTEROID SCANNER lets you know where to mine. Upgrade = more range & autotargeting.

NEW ORE&ITEM images to liven up your game.

NEW MINING GEAR: Mini, dual, omni-dual, ICX autominer.

Secondary TESSERACT cargo pods let you carry more, but drain power.

ORE PACKER AUTONS carry 380t of ore. Deluxe version is faster, tougher and shoots back.

MINING COLONIES now sell, install & repair mining gear.

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Graphics, Fuel, Featured,
DockScreens, Devices, Auton,
Armor, Recommended Mods, Station
Author WillyTheSquid
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Added (Last modified) 30.03.2012 (02.04.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
Filesize 1.05 MB
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Shane Filomena 30.03.2012 06:58

Your just going to make me take forever to play with all your toys aren't you? :)


thanx :)

WillyTheSquid 30.03.2012 07:04

OUR new toys ;D

Amariithynar 30.03.2012 07:07

Beautiful.... Now! Time to get to work on V2!

WillyTheSquid 30.03.2012 07:09

Lots & lots things planned for version 2, by the way. But after weeks of hard, hard work... I want to take a break. Hehe.

Shane Filomena 30.03.2012 10:08

Willy, Mining Mods are very Important to me : Mining in Transcendence saves me thousands of dollars on therapy :)

While I would like to see more Commerce for Miners ( your Ingots, etc, are a great deal ), I really appreciate your efforts for the Mining Industry.

sdw195 30.03.2012 11:16

WillyTheSquid yay, now i can rope you in to helping with my mod :D

RPC 30.03.2012 12:36

Your team did a really good job, this might be the mining rewrite that the community's been looking for :D

digdug 30.03.2012 14:31

beautiful mod indeed.

Darth Saber 30.03.2012 18:13

Incredible! Great job!

Llwch 30.03.2012 20:10

I look forward to trying this one out later this week... Thanks for the release, gang! :)

WillyTheSquid 30.03.2012 22:38

Thanks for the warm reception. No bug reports so far!

Amariithynar did a hell of a job breaking it apart during beta-testing, and TransGeek fixed issues almost as fast as they cropped up.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did making it. <3

sp_testure 30.03.2012 22:48

I have been waiting for this mod. Time to start a new epic Network game wee! Thank you for all your hard work!

TranscendentGeek 30.03.2012 22:55

I am astounded by the warm reception of this mod. I am really happy that all our hardwork is paying off! :)

TranscendentGeek 01.04.2012 03:14

I have created a post on the forums for tracking bugs in this mod. Please post any bugs there thanks!

TranscendentGeek 02.04.2012 06:46

Updated at 59 DL to V1.04

WillyTheSquid 02.04.2012 06:46

UPDATED at ~50 downloads. Please delete the old version and use this one instead. Among other things, v.104 contains several important compatibility fixes for PlayerShip Drones v4.

WillyTheSquid 07.04.2012 02:59

108 freaking downloads. Whoo. Seems we did a good thing. <3

Cirevam 07.04.2012 04:08

This mod has, for the first time since 0.7, made me want to mine. I've been making so much money and items like the ICX autominer make things less tedious. The only problem I've had is that the deluxe packer autons don't want to pick up ore on their own, but it's not a big deal.

WillyTheSquid 07.04.2012 05:29

Thanks for the bug report, we're on it. Keep on minin', big things are coming :)

TranscendentGeek 28.04.2012 01:00

Yay! 200+ dl

sdw195 28.04.2012 01:30

congrats, willythesquid and transgeek!

WillyTheSquid 02.05.2012 21:24

The next version is nearing completion :)

ytszazu 06.05.2012 04:07

Addictive-ly good mod.

1. One word of taught. Should hydrogen and/or oxygen gas be refined into a fuel?

Since there are "traditional" uranium rods which produce energy via fission, shouldn't there be a hydrogen fuel which produces energy using fusion or reaction with oxygen? :)

2. More by-products! I like wastes! :P

3. Poor fuel depot, it really got neglected.

Patupi 06.05.2012 05:54

How about making the fuel depots buy material for making fuel? Helium regolith etc. Perhaps even some of the byproducts mentioned... ie the hydrogen, (Find a little bit of deuterium, and minute amounts of Tritium in every tank of hydrogen. The station might make some money off it) heavy water, water etc

Patupi 06.05.2012 05:56

Just realised how that sounds. Wasn't meaning the player finds deuterium and tritium in hydrogen, but that was a reason for the station to buy the hydrogen etc FROM the player.

TranscendentGeek 06.05.2012 16:07

I just finished the planning for roughly 100 new ores, ingots, ices, gases, and crystals. I will put hydrgoen based fuels and trade routes for refueling stations on the todo list thanks for the feed back and ideas!

Avalon4 09.05.2012 18:49

Hmmm... How about... being able to make things out of the materials?

Granted, that would be another mod entirely, and without any mod-item dictionaries it would only mean another lonely mod without any way to make other things easily compatible with it.

Still, an excellent mod (and CONGRATS on MOTM!)

TranscendentGeek 09.05.2012 19:03

The raw materials processor makes armors currently. Soon it will be able to make nearly any armor in the game. It will also be able to make crates and barricades. I am also looking at making an ammo extension. Also possible a hydroponics auton.

ytszazu 14.05.2012 18:10

I'm waiting to play a new game, solely due to this mod. Can't wait for the latest version to come out. :)

WillyTheSquid 18.05.2012 18:18

The ArmorPack is nearing completion; it contains more than 1250 armors and new variants, all of which are upgradeable. Most of these can be constructed from the RMP's ingots, with new resource types thrown in which can be mined by players.

So an "ultralight ceralloy armor" can be upgraded into "reinforced ultralight ceralloy" (extra HP), "hardened ultralight ceralloy" (radiation protection), "advanced ultralight ceralloy" (extra EMP/ion protection) or even into "light ceralloy armor". Basically, with enough ingots, you could craft any armor in the game.

Depending on how it works out script-wise, I might also toss in an armor salvager, which can combine armors into the next grade (currently: ultralight, light, medium, heavy, superheavy and massive; all of these come in reinforced/hardened and sometimes advanced versions). I've done a LOT of work rebalancing the entire armor system. Of course, it will not interfere with any armor from other mods.

Also included will be a randomizer (similar to the one in Weapons Extended) that will randomize the armor of friendly and enemy ships (within certain parameters of course... no Dwarg holochroal armor on Phobos ships ;).

Once sdw195 and I finalize the ArmorPack, it will probably be included in the next MiningPack version (which is nearly done).

ytszazu 22.05.2012 13:20

Well, put the armor randomizer as an option. Might want to have an option to disable it.

Thanks for making a mod worthy of a new game.

WillyTheSquid 25.05.2012 05:37

Ytszazu, I have great news for you: sdw195 has outdone himself with the scripting for ArmorPack... there will be SIX randomizer settings, from "no randomization" to "extreme randomization".

ytszazu 01.06.2012 04:40

"Checks for the 100th time for updates" :P

Cimanyd 05.06.2012 07:03

Great mod! Can't wait for the next version :)

Star Weaver 08.06.2012 00:07

I never plushed this! :D

Sujamma 18.06.2012 12:07

Mismatched open parentheses, ending on line 1870. You forgot to close the block. There are also several more, one I think is on line 1526.

I started looking because I couldn't refine my He3 rods into reactor rods if I chose the specific materials to refine.

Sujamma 18.06.2012 12:16

In the file TG_WTS_RawMaterialsProcessor, btw >_>

WillyTheSquid 18.06.2012 13:13

Yes, we fixed that for the next version. Thanks for your feedback Sujamma! Mining Pack v2 will more than triple the amount of features. It'll be out before the summer is over.

Sujamma 18.06.2012 21:58

Good to hear! I love the pack so far.

TranscendentGeek 18.06.2012 23:38

I thought I had fixed that issue. I will try to get some sort of update out this week to fix any problems and add a bit of the new stuff in.

ytszazu 28.08.2012 15:47

Any news? It's a long time since any updates.

WillyTheSquid 25.09.2012 18:18

Proposed list of features for MPv2 here:

Please to be leaving feedbacks !

WillyTheSquid 31.10.2012 08:34

New version of MiningPack to be released soon, it's been long enough! v1.51 should see you through until MP2 arrives.

WillyTheSquid 16.11.2012 01:47

Real hard-core coding & scripting wizardry is being whipped-'n'-warlocked into existence for the MiningPack. Update due within two weeks.

TranscendentGeek 13.01.2013 08:45 Vote for Mining Pack for mod of the year!

DOSBox-gamer 30.01.2013 22:21

It worked fine in 108b, but in 110, it seems that disabling the scanner (to save power) disables it permanently. The option to uninstall/ install doesn't seem to help.

murlocdummy 11.03.2013 11:32

This mod has been dead for over a year, now. I really hate it when projects like this die, but what's worse is the fact that the authors promised fixes, but not only didn't deliver, but they never even replied to their thread, which suddenly died over 5 months ago.

ytszazu 15.03.2013 19:33

LOL, I waited almost a year for the update for this mod.

RPC 16.03.2013 04:59

You could try to talk to TG and WTS, they sometimes pop on IRC. The thing is they have RL stuff to do and they've been hitting rough spots lately.

RPC 11.06.2013 03:11

Ferrandrite fibers are missing an image.

WillyTheSquid 14.03.2014 02:11

Hi all, I'm back from the black hole of suck that was the past year+. Talked to TG on Facebook briefly and I don't think he's up for MP stuff at this time.

Myself, I just installed 1.3 and my personal MP1.5 custom (not entirely bug-free in some areas) -- I'm going to see what parts of my MP1.5 get borked in Trans 1.3 and remove problematic and/or incomplete features accordingly to create a tight, functional mod.

And fix the damn basic oversight stuff like missing images. I feel kind of bad about not following up with fixes/updates/support for this MP version over the past year. I'd never expected 2000+ people to play it. For what it's worth, I regret not managing to roll out an updated, usable MP1.5 package for y'all back when it was needed.

So: I'm going to playtest for the latest Trans 1.3 beta, read up on any bug reports on Xelerus and in the forum thread... no ETA or anything,that I can promise at this time, but seeing as how I can't stand playing Trans without a fun & fully functioning mining experience... it will be worked on regularly between playthroughs.

otakd 18.11.2014 02:35

Looking forward to the updates, Willy. 1.3 - and 1.5! - will be the better for 'em :)

otakd 18.11.2014 02:36

Oddly, I haven't been able to locate any Mining Colonies in my current run. Time to unload/reload other mods to find the root of that issue, urk!

WillyTheSquid 04.12.2014 02:50

So, because TG and I are working on MP2 when we have the time, I'll post his fix in this thread so y'all can patch it yourselves for Transcendence v1.5. This should completely fix the ore not spawning with MP installed. Fix will be uploaded soonish but for those of you adventurous enough here's TG's quick fix:

"To fix ore spawn, create a new xml take the the file UniverseCompatibility.xml from the new source. Use the tables there in the new xml to overwrite the old. Then add the new ores we added in MP to the tables. Boom fixed.

Ore tables are now in the UniverseCompatibility.xml so those simply need to be changed. just some copy paste here and there. Then the new ores should spawn as normal."

Obletus_Grix 22.08.2016 17:29

Got this working in 1.6.4, but the result is -NOT- subtle:

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