Phoenix Cannon Series View Mod
Screenshot A great set for wanderers. Includes one launcher with 6 different missile types: [highest to lowest lvl]

[To the right, screenshot, is the CMN missile surrounded by a glow of radiation]

Mainly the missile splits after being suspended in space for 4 seconds. Then splits into x amount of missile fragments (depending on the level) which home in on the target, for x lifetime. Missile N is the best quality missile due to its radiation damage.

CMN Missile - 12 Fragments//Damage: Thermo4d12, Radiation1, Momentum6
CMS Missile - 12 Fragments//Damage: Thermo4d12,Momentum6
CMA Missile - 10 Fragments//Damage: Thermo
CMB Missile - 8 Fragments//Damage: Thermo
CMC Missile - 6 Fragments//Damage: Thermo
CMD Missile - 4 Fragments//Damage: Thermo
CMF Missile - 2 Fragments//Damage: Thermo

Contact me for any bugs or glitches.

v.2 - Minor Changes
- Fixed Masks (now transparent), Applied detailed textures; recoded
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Added (Last modified) 24.05.2008 (26.05.2008)
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schilcote 30.05.2008 06:41

Woah... That looks awfully like a Stephinian gun... In fact, that looks alot like the Dest10!

Drazalon 31.05.2008 03:24

awfully? lost you there. explain =]

schilcote 01.06.2008 15:33

The Dest10 blaster. It fires 10 individual guided missiles.

schilcote 01.06.2008 15:37

So basically it's a dest8 blaster. Of cource it dosn't fire 8, it frags to 8 but what's the difference? I meant it was Stephinian like because who else would (or could) build a pod which bursts into eight seeking irradiating missiles.

Drazalon 01.06.2008 17:58

the difference is that its compatible with 7 different missiles, each at 7 different levels. rather than trying to wait so dam long into the game for it, you could just get the lower lvl missiles (CMF) which fire 2 frags, at an affordable price. and if you get sick of those being too low, you can get a higher level missile.

i hope you can see the difference now.

Drazalon 01.06.2008 17:59

im still modifying the prices a bit. not yet well adjusted. and the amount of occurances to which you come by them, as you see CMF more frequently than the CMNs.

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