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Screenshot This mod introduces three new playerships. This mod is Eternity Port compatable.

Cerulean speeder: A luxury craft designed for high cruising speeds. Being a luxury craft, it is not well suited to many tasks. The ship design was heavily borrowed from 21st century multi deck yachts.

Thunderbird fighter: Originally designed as a showpiece, it still delivers as a fighter, though not as well as purpose built craft.

EI X Bomber: An obscure line of battlecraft developed by Earth Industries, these ships were built as anti station platforms.
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Author Xephyr
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Added (Last modified) 23.11.2015 (24.11.2015)
Game Version 1.6.2
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Xephyr 24.11.2015 20:41

Re-upped at 6 downloads to fix misplaced armour segments on all ships.

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