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Screenshot This mod introduces a couple of weird weapons.
If you want Transcendence to be more like NetHack (if you really know what NetHack is), or your accomplished space combat degrade into something primitive, like in World War I, this mod is for you. Otherwise, you shouldn't be needing this one (except the code that may or may not be useful).
Suggestions and comments are always welcome.
Categories Graphics, Weapon, Developers Vault
Author darksider
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Added (Last modified) 06.11.2008 (07.11.2008)
Game Version 0.99
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digdug 07.11.2008 00:51

cool, but where is the shield interfere coating barrel that do lots of darksteel damage ?

darksider 07.11.2008 07:47

Well, that'd be a spoiler, sort of, so I'll send you a PM on the official forum.

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