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Screenshot BattleZone V.2.1 is out!

A much updated version, this mod implements a "Quick Play" mode of sorts, where the only goal is survival.

There is a thread on the forums for this mod here:

** Credits for the cool stations go to Dvlenk6.

NOTE: This mod requires the DockScreen Framework, also available on xelerus, here:
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Author alterecco
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Added (Last modified) 18.02.2009 (16.04.2012)
Game Version 0.99c
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Stormhawk 19.02.2009 18:40

Awesome! I've been wanting this since I started!

alterecco 01.03.2009 10:24

BattleZone has now been updated to V2. Have fun

alterecco 22.05.2009 23:44

BattleZone updated to V.2.1

It is not a major update. Changes include dynamic spawn point layouts and some config options. Also several fixes for problems that were reported. Remember to check zone services for new options. As always you can hardcode them in the top of the xml file.

Please report any problems. Have fun!

alterecco 30.06.2009 01:59

Small Update: Gates are now larger.

Den: If you have too many ships you can tweak the spawn settings at the top of the xml, or in the ZoneService station. Read the comments to find out what settings to cange. Other than that, there is only upgrading your pc to handle more intensive graphics.

drako slyith 07.01.2011 00:26

The game freezes whenever I try to run the mod. I do have the framework needed, and I even tried running it on a clean game. The game just freezes; no crash, no error message.

alterecco 03.02.2011 02:33

what version of Transcendence are you running, drako?

drako slyith 04.02.2011 21:51


alterecco 10.02.2011 01:13

OK, I am afraid that BattleZone does not work with 1.04. I will not be making an update until George releases the next stable version (probably 1.05)

drako slyith 10.02.2011 01:18

Ok thanks for clarifying.

Shane Filomena 25.04.2011 13:06

this Mod confused me: After about 70 ships I let loose my Corporate Cruisers : how LONG IS IT? omgravy!!!!! I don't get that much kiling in dealing with lower 48 state roaches! ( but its obviously well made and I am proud to have a copy )

alterecco 29.05.2011 22:01

There is no goal in BattleZone apart from the killing. But what a goal!

alterecco 16.04.2012 18:05

fixed for 1.08b

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