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Screenshot This pack contains:
Light IAV
Medium IAV
Heavy IAV
All have their own shield images.
I tried to keep their default equipment and only changed the major unbalanced items.

Note: These ships have only 20 facings.
Categories Ship (Player), Featured
Author Prophet
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Added (Last modified) 31.10.2009 (04.11.2009)
Game Version 1.0 RC1
Filesize 118.78 KB
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digdug 31.10.2009 20:35

awesome :D

gj Prophet

Zacktheperson 01.11.2009 08:03

Zack could not get this mod to work because there seems to be some image files missing.

Prophet 01.11.2009 13:13

The zip contains the shield images (5 in total) which must be placed in your extension folder. The ship images themselves are vanilla resources so they are already present.

I hope this helps.

Dogma 15.04.2010 02:35

oh boy, one of the ships constantly bullying me...>_> for once i get to do the bullying, Nice mod.

Munawar Warsi 04.10.2010 13:28

nice one

Delta_Lupus 10.12.2010 00:50

Looks awesome! Now I'm ready to beat the living tar out of that certain station. gj, man!

vcant 16.05.2011 14:43

lovely! they improve default ships...

PS: can I use the shield-images included ?

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