Communications Array View Mod
This radio device allows the player to "contact" other ships and hire them as wingmen...providing the player can afford them.

You'll get random responses from the ships that you hire so the messages are not so repetitive. Enjoy!
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Author FAD
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Added (Last modified) 10.01.2008 (15.01.2008)
Game Version 0.98
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bluesaberist 22.02.2008 05:11

This is a great mod, but it would be nice if you knew the cost of hiring before you decide to.

schilcote 04.04.2008 10:27

Use this with a bunch of Ferian miners before you take on the Iocrym.

solo 03.02.2009 16:57

Hired wingman should be upgradeable

Aeonic 23.06.2009 21:17

Hehe, I hired on one of the CSC carriers. :)

HatsuyaKanzaki 24.06.2009 08:45

I think this is extremely useful on my mod! If this is installed on my AdvEx, you can now call on a bunch of ships wielding Hatsuya Arrows, Star Light Breakers and Magna-Crisis Missiles to take down CSCs and the Iocryms. Also, you can now call on my Hero Ships.

bigvan 01.12.2010 02:55

I hired 6 CSCs including CSC Anartica and the CSC Terra

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