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Screenshot "The Molotok-class heavy gunship is a favorite of bounty hunters and illegal traders alike. Being both quick and maneuverable, it can be a formidable combat vessel, while its ability to support numerous devices makes it extremely versatile."
This is a 40-frame rendering of a Molotok ship model made from scratch to closely resemble the original. Comes included with everything a playership needs. It performs much like the Wolfen, with slightly less space for cargo and slightly better device support (though not weapon support).
Ship parameters may still need some tweaking. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
Categories Quality approved, Ship (Player), Balance approved
Author Aeonic
Rating 8   0
Added (Last modified) 10.12.2009 (20.12.2009)
Game Version 1.0 RC3
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digdug 10.12.2009 20:56

/me bows.

"respect man! you have real talent!" :D

Prophet 10.12.2009 23:49


Curudan 10.12.2009 23:56

This is a totally awesome ship. I've wanted to use a Molotok playership since I first started playing, and it's almost uncanny how close the two models are.

This mod was enough to make me start my game over just to use this ship.

TheLastBrunnenG 11.12.2009 03:19

Looks great! Still, I have to ask - why create another 40-facing Molotok playership when it's already been done (by Kaama)? That's a lot of work to re-do when there are great ships like the Brittania and Chasm just begging to be 40'd.

Bobby 11.12.2009 04:31

When you convert a 20 facing ship to a 40, the image loses quality. The shadows flicker, the edges can get messed up, and parts of the ship can be clipped out of frame.

and Aeonic: great ship, great quality, two thumbs up!

Aeonic 11.12.2009 04:35

Molotok has been a popular request as another playership. Apparently a lot of people like this ship. You state it as "another 40-facing Molotok". All of the other 40-facing Molotoks are image edited versions of the original Molotok, meaning that every other angle will look just a little bit wrong, and those ships do not have a proper selection screen graphic.

This ship is a custom model designed to look like the Molotok. Its rendered in 40 facings so no image editing is required, and it has a proper selection screen graphic, as well as custom shield and armor graphics. That means it will fit seamlessly into the game.

If you want to see the differences, download both versions and check it out for yourself.

I've never heard anyone ask for Britannia or Chasm player ships. It wouldn't make much sense for players to start with those ships either, since Chasm is Ares (who the player is at war with) and Britannia is high military. I don't even feel that my own Praetorian (a military alternative the the Britannia) works well as a playership. Molotok however is a neutral ship that might well be accessible to the player.

alterecco 11.12.2009 09:48

*Sniff* - It's just beautiful. Love the Molotok. Thank you.

TheLastBrunnenG 11.12.2009 14:51

Ahhh.. Now I see, this Molotok has the lighting and facings corrected. Great work!

And Chasm and Brittania are just great models, especially for something like an "accelerated start" game.

Naminator5 11.12.2009 22:05

I compared this new 40 facing Molotok with a old one that I usually used in most playthroughs.

This one has better rendering, no clip outs or anything. Plus the shield graphics are nice too.

The only thing I don't like about this ship is that it's too balanced, lol.

Retroactive 12.12.2009 19:41

Props on another wonderful addition to the game, Aeonic. Your mods come closer than anyone's to matching the look-and-feel of Transcendence.

Aeonic 20.12.2009 02:46

Latest version is for RC3, since RC3 now has light ceramic plate by default.

Declipse 22.05.2010 20:19

Seems a little underpowered at the start but is otherwise an awesomely fine addition to the game :)

(as of 1.01 you start out with no money so it's sort of dangerous to run out of fuel- you do start with some extra rods though.)

boneman1982 01.02.2011 20:25

This ship looks ridiculously good, nice job!

WillyTheSquid 25.01.2012 00:25

A really good ship, possibly my favorite. Haven't used the Wolfen or Sapphire since downloading this. Plenty of weapon/device options, turns quickly, good speed & decent cargo capacity. Balanced as f*ck.

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