Cruiser, and a pair of fighters. View Mod
Screenshot Well the big ships starts with heavy reactive armor, some missiles, and a dual pulse laser.

The second ship starts with reactive armor, a pulse laser and a rocket launcher.

The pretty blue gold one is kind of my cheat / test ship. Most of it's equip is completely custom.

Includes my pulse lasers, missile launchers, and anti missile system. but needs my icon pack.

Edit: updated to include digdug's suggestions, and to remove some leftovers from Caliburn's xml.

Edit: updated, the M110 missile was lvl 7 and 220 a piece. has been brought more inline with other missiles of similar power.

Bigger preview image.
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Author Vizth
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Added (Last modified) 28.04.2010 (29.06.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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digdug 28.04.2010 00:59

good job Vizth ! :D

a couple of suggestions:

- reduce the bmp of the masks to 2-bit (or 8-bit if you need the more details), you can save a lot of space by doing that.

- you can make a non-godmodded version of the proto.xml and include it here, so that players can enjoy your model by normal play or use the godmodded one.

Azar Wolf 28.04.2010 01:54

Hi vizth! nice to see you're back! :D

Azar Wolf 28.04.2010 01:56

(making playerships that is)

-ps - I like the weapon icons

Vizth 28.04.2010 02:23

Thankyou :)

Azar Wolf 28.04.2010 06:26

Still using max? Over the past... nearly a year now, I've found that using textures (even w/ minimal or no UV mapping) can vastly increase the amount of detail your ships can have.

Pretty easy to do this; either make some procedural texture via the materials editor or drag & drop external images directly onto your objects.

Vizth 28.04.2010 16:16

Ya, been trying to add better textures, just haven't found any i like yet. XD

I'm looking forward to trying the node based material editor on. 2011

StealthX 29.04.2010 09:56

Wow cool ships! I like the blue fighter.

Delta3 02.08.2011 00:46

It doesn't work with 1.06

Delta3 04.08.2011 03:18

Were can I download your icon pack?

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