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This is my version of digdug's omniswitch weapon that he ask me to upload. It's basicaly the same, but shoots two turbolaser shots instead of one powerful one when omni is off. I changed all the UNID's so that both versions should work together.

Updated, fixed, and tested to work in 1.06a.
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Author bluesaberist
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Added (Last modified) 09.02.2008 (11.09.2011)
Game Version 1.06a
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bluesaberist 05.05.2009 05:18

All should note: This does not work at the same time as the first version. The function names are the same and this causes problems. Also, this does not work in v.99 a, b or c. I'm considering remaking it so that it will using Atarlost's code. If I do, I'll will post here.

bluesaberist 06.05.2009 03:49

Ok, changed to work in .99c. Credit goes to Atarlost for the fix. Thanks Atarlost!

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