The Pacifist View Mod
Screenshot On the Transcendence forums, there was a discussion about pacifism. Because of this, I created this Mod. This mod creates a few new playerships and a few virtual weapons. The point is that it forces you to never kill. The gun has strong anti-shield capabilities, can mine, and can EMP. (Depending on what ship you have I.E. Wolfen pacifist can not mine) But it cannot damage anything, ever. The ship starts out good, and the early-game is easy. Then, EMP immune ships will really hurt you. It is a challenge, who among you is skilled enough to be a pacifist?

Updated: A pacifist version of all player ships available now. As before, I must say the game is easy at first, but very hard later.
Categories Challenge, Ship (Player), Weapon
Author drako slyith
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Added (Last modified) 20.12.2010 (20.12.2010)
Game Version 1.03
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digdug 20.12.2010 01:33

what's stopping you from installing another weapon and killing?

drako slyith 20.12.2010 02:05

I set it up so there are no device slots for weapons. All you have is the harmless one.

drako slyith 20.12.2010 02:08

also, this is meant as a player's challenge. Even if you can install weapons, the point is that you try to win with no weapons.

digdug 20.12.2010 02:31

cool, It's a neat idea! :D

Welcome drako slyith and congrats for your first mod.

Just 1 little more formality, can you please register your UNID 0xDCAFxxxx at the Official FOrums ?

thanks :D

Star Weaver 20.12.2010 02:38

If you'd like to expand this I'd suggest making it an adventure mod and providing pacifist versions of all three stock ships. The freighter should be your colony ship, I don't think the sapphire's really big enough for that; the sapphire could be an escort for the colony ship in your storyline. The wolfen could be a non-lethal police ship or something. Give the freigther an omni version of your laser and add some sort of pacifist missile launcher for the wolfen :).

Also, add desc tags to your items (since they show up in the ship config) and spellcheck your ship's desc. :)

drako slyith 20.12.2010 05:17

Thanks for the ideas. The reason I don't have my UNID registered is that I had an account, and shortly after registering my computer crashed and wiped the hard-drive. As a result, I did not get on the forums for about a year and a half as my computer was dead. My account was deleted. Now, my dad put a security system on our network that blocks the registration page. I'll see if I can get it to stop blocking the page. I must say, by the way, that this is my second mod, my first is the Heart of War mod.

Star Weaver 20.12.2010 06:06

Ah your account is still on the forums, it either got deactivated or was never activated in the first place. One of our kind forum mods can reactivate and possibly repassword you if needed.

The profile in question is

drako slyith 20.12.2010 07:02

Thanks. I know my password, but as I said, my computer got wiped before I posted. Who do I contact to get it reactivated?

Star Weaver 20.12.2010 07:12

I did it by emailing the address in one of Wolfy's posts, but I just poked a few people about it and several of them watch xelerus so it'll probably be taken care of just as fast ^_^.

drako slyith 20.12.2010 07:40

so it will be reactivated automatically?

drako slyith 20.12.2010 07:42

btw I updated it so you can have a pacifist version of all player-ships. I even got an emp missile which can emp a planet.

digdug 20.12.2010 16:05

done! Drako Slyith, your account on the Official Forums has been activated.

drako slyith 20.12.2010 19:59

awesome. Thanks. I'll go register my UNID

PKodon 23.12.2010 15:20

Hm, interesting. I still haven't made it past St. Katherines in the FalconCV, but I'll definitely download this and add it to my mod library in the event that I do finish the game some day and wish to try this rather unique challenge.

Star Weaver 15.06.2012 09:22

Hmm, is the pacifist launcher supposed to be for sail to other shiptypes?

Also, the effect on the pacifist missiles is very laggy, and I wonder if several of them going off at once could CTD the game from particle overload.

Peter 12.05.2014 07:09

Nice Idea. Giving this a try... Thumbs up!

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