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This mod adds 6 new devices to the game. Three Ore Smelters, which convert ore into Ingots depending on level and Three Fuel Makers that can convert ore & ingots into Fuel rods. The Fuel Maker Mark II can also convert Helium 3 Fuel Rods into Reactor Assemblies.

Only the Mark I Fuel Maker can convert Helium Regolith into Helium rods.

*Only Mark II and III converts Helium Regolith into Reactor Assemblies.

Ingots are 1/4th the weight of ore and somewhat more valuable and can be sold where ore can be sold. Tinkers and the Fabricators do not use Ingots.

1 Ore = 1 Ingot
1 Helium Regolith = 4 Helium Fuel Rods
* 4 Helium Regolity =1 Helium Reactor Assembly
4 Helium Fuel Rods = 1 Helium Reactor Assembly
1 All other Fuel Ores = 2 Fuel Rods
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Mining, Misc, Quality approved
Author TranscendentGeek
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Added (Last modified) 26.02.2012 (07.03.2012)
Game Version 1.07a
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TranscendentGeek 26.02.2012 12:38

Minor update, added the ability for the Mark II & III Fuel makers to convert Helium Regolith directly into Reactor Assemblies at a rate of 4 ore = 1 Reactor Assembly.

Vachtra 27.02.2012 02:54

I always thought ther should be a more compact form of raw mateials.

Do you have a plan for use yet?

Llwch 27.02.2012 03:16

Hmmm... If you could then allow other manufacturing MODs to use the ingots... This could make for a *very* lucrative way to make money, and potentially a cheaper way to manufacture ammunition or weapons for in-game use.

TranscendentGeek 27.02.2012 03:25

Vachtra so far I just wanted to be able to reduce the weight of ore. Then I figured hey I could turn some of it into fuel. It is really easy to turn ore into other things. Armor and Ammo come to mind.

LLwch which manugacturing Mods are you referring to. I can always see if they can be tweaked to use the ingots.

Llwch 27.02.2012 03:38

Pretty much anything, would be cool... Drones, ammo, the weapons themselves, armor bits... I would recommend that the ability to manufacture your own stuff not be as effective as the tinkers' (if you can make them use ingots, that's simply awesome). The flexibility of having a portable ability to manufacture, then trade your finished goods - rather than loading up on ingots, then finding the closest Tinker's settlement - would be a HUGE plus.

I'm not sure if that's possible in the current version of Transcendence, but it would be something neat to see implemented.

TranscendentGeek 27.02.2012 03:43

The code snippet that converts ore into ingots is just three lines with 3 sections that can be modified to work with Anything in game. I could literally turn Helium into and Archcannon if I so chose. It is when more than one material at a time has to be converted that it gets interesting. The only problem I see is that the ingots might be more valuable that the armor that could be made from them.

I could make an ingot to armor mod for you by tomorrow sometime lol

Llwch 27.02.2012 04:06

Naw... I was just thinking out loud... I usually have ships that are long on agility and speed, but short on cargo space - I prefer the combat over the trade element, so anything that makes trading easier is hugely appealing to me.

If there was a mod to convert ingots to anything, I'd want to see something that can create drones, ammo, weapons, armour, etc.

Basically, I want it all. I'm a greedy bastard that way. :D

TranscendentGeek 27.02.2012 04:10

http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=907 PM created an Auton Assembly Hanger for making Autons. PM also has a mod called Player Drones it allows you to buy up to two companion ships. One of which has 500 ton cargo capacity you can switch out ships, add new weapons to the other ships, etc. Really great mod.

Llwch 27.02.2012 04:12

Yeah? I hadn't tried either of 'em... I find that companions and autons don't last long in my games... I tend to leap into the fray and get 'em killed.

The last time I walked into a bar at a local galactic outpost, as soon as I announced I was looking to hire some mercs to fly with me, everyone left the bar.

I guess my reputation precedes me.

TranscendentGeek 27.02.2012 04:19

Think of a freighter with 500 ton cargo capacity with whatever armor and weapons you can put on it going into the fray and fight with you.

Llwch 27.02.2012 06:12

I'll see. I tend to kill my wingmen with friendly fire more often than the badguys kill them. When they fly in formation, they have a nasty habit of flying into the path of my barrage.

TranscendentGeek 27.02.2012 08:32

lol Truth be told I kill them to or get them killed. By point Juno all my wingmen are dead at the latest. Those freighters barely make it to sanctuary

Llwch 27.02.2012 09:45

I fly solo. More ships means I have to split the pay, food and glory. I'm a ruthless SOB - I share nothing. :D

Shane Filomena 28.02.2012 04:40

Ingots : I NEVER thought of that...the Tinkers were the way everyone was heading, even the Micro factory is basically a tinker, but to go explicitly for the ore as a target is a mining dream come true :)

I must have this :)

TranscendentGeek 28.02.2012 05:24

In the future I may add an ingot to armor or other items function. Be sure to rate it! :)

WillyTheSquid 28.02.2012 14:27

Looks promising... because you can only sell so much ore to stations, you either have to trek far away or just leave it behind. This mod means I can sell more different products. I like it. Will give it a shot, then rate.

WillyTheSquid 28.02.2012 14:34

Ah, minor thing. Checking the XML, the higher-level ingots are not RingerValuable. Might wanna change that.

TranscendentGeek 28.02.2012 15:42

Re-uploaded at 22 downloads and added Ringer Valuable too higher level ores.

TranscendentGeek 29.02.2012 08:44

If you are interested in a Armor Recycler and Extruder Mod please visit the Armor to Materials Debate thread on the forums here: http://www.neurohack.com/transcendence/forums/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=4862&p=44820#p44820

Llwch 02.03.2012 02:12

Ack - I can't access the forums when I'm at work (my home computer is dead, and visiting them on my iPod is nothing short of painful).

I will try to visit that thread at some point in the near future, though. :)

WillyTheSquid 02.03.2012 07:38

Great mod so far.

WillyTheSquid 02.03.2012 09:58

I've played around with it some more. Seems VERY solid. Upvoted.

TranscendentGeek 07.03.2012 12:52

Reuploaded at 48 downloads fixed minor issue where Platinum ore was more valuable than Platinum ingots.

TranscendentGeek 16.03.2012 03:34

This mod will be replaced soon by a new Mining Mod Pack. Look for it over the next week!

Amariithynar 19.03.2012 21:10

If one regolith = 4 fuel rods, and 4 fuel rods = 1 reactor assembly, why does 4 regolith = 1 assembly? That doesn't make sense from any standpoint. You're basically saying that 16 fuel rods = 1 assembly with the latter. Also, is there any function to use ingots as ore for purposes of turning into fuel, etc? or are fuel ores exempt from ingoting?

TranscendentGeek 20.03.2012 04:11

amariithynar, cause I didn't goofed in my math lol I am currently updating the mod. It will have various dockscreen options. I plan on fixing little problems like the ones you mention. It will also add the option to turn some ingots into armor.

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