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22.07.2021 22:47 by Luna! on Brokers Expanded
Oh, that comment forgot to add that part 2 now exists, BM brokers and Centauri brokers are in!
22.07.2021 22:46 by Luna! on Brokers Expanded
Updated at 28 downloads:

Too much to fit into a comment, but squished the mod into parts, part 1 deals with vanilla brokers, and part 2 will deal with new brokers on existing stations.

Also added a bunch of misc ships!
12.07.2021 07:51 by Luna! on Brokers Expanded
Updated at 17 downloads:

Version 0.3, Hammerheads!

Module 1 now contains the Hammerhead + II, the Medium and IAVs now have hero images courtesy of Alex Konigsberg, and the Britannia now spawns with a NAMI Launcher and missiles rather than an NM900.
08.07.2021 16:49 by Luna! on Brokers Expanded
Updated at 4 downloads:

Version 0.2, The Ronin Update

Module 3 contains the Commonwealth military and all 3 Ronin variants. The Oromo now has a hero image courtesy of Nym and Song
10.06.2021 16:17 by (^o^) on Quantumnet conglomerate
Quick fixed.

Not fully compatible with the latest version, but still working.
10.06.2021 15:55 by (^o^) on Extreme Iocrym
Looooooong time no see.

Updated at 1365 downloads.

Pretty light tested (I just called this command ship on first system) and it looks OK in the latest version. Maybe.
30.05.2021 11:59 by relanat on Ship Pointing Mods
Reuploaded at 1144 downloads.

Added Ship Pointing 1.8 as a replacement for Rotating Ship Pointing which was not working due to game changes. Requires game version 1.8 or higher.

Will update all these mods once 1.9 is released.
17.03.2021 15:30 by relanat on Networkdev
Updated version uploaded as Networkdev 1.9b3 here on xelerus.

Very few changes but will start in 1.9b3.

Requires game version 1.9b3 or higher.
14.03.2021 13:02 by relanat on Networkdev
Hi, Syamers24.

Will have a look and update it. It should be an easy fix but it might be a while before I can get to it.
17.02.2021 10:19 by appleseed on Playership Drones
It requires "Credits" to repair ships i

n "VoTG" where "RUs" is used as currency so it is not possible to repair any ship.