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17.03.2021 15:30 by relanat on Networkdev
Updated version uploaded as Networkdev 1.9b3 here on xelerus.

Very few changes but will start in 1.9b3.

Requires game version 1.9b3 or higher.
14.03.2021 13:02 by relanat on Networkdev
Hi, Syamers24.

Will have a look and update it. It should be an easy fix but it might be a while before I can get to it.
17.02.2021 10:19 by appleseed on Playership Drones
It requires "Credits" to repair ships i

n "VoTG" where "RUs" is used as currency so it is not possible to repair any ship.
14.02.2021 22:19 by PM on Playership Drones
Updated to 1.9b3 at 374 downloads.
07.02.2021 23:14 by PM on Drakian Legacy Alpha
Updated to 1.9b3 at 323 downloads, with major changes to match what was done to Drake Technologies, such as removal of zapsats and addition of drone bays.
07.02.2021 23:12 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.9
Reuploaded at 831 downloads, with more minor fixes.
28.01.2021 13:45 by Syamers24 on Networkdev
On version 1.9 beta 3
28.01.2021 13:44 by Syamers24 on Networkdev
Unable to start game

OnGlobalTypesInit (d7899060):invalid XML element [Nil] ### (xmlGetSubElement sourceXML "Group") ###

<need help bruh i cant start the game >
23.01.2021 21:59 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.9
Reuploaded at 819 downloads, with minor fixes and rebalancing a few weapons.
10.01.2021 15:47 by Amteloletom on Long way 1.8
Unable to join the arena after the first fight. Any solutions?