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04.12.2018 09:59 by relanat on Taipan GodShip
Unfortunately this mod does not work in VOTG. There are three different types of ship in VOTG so I think it will need three different godships. There is an early version here https://forums.kronosaur.com/viewtopic.php?p=76006#p76006 but is has many bugs and incomplete features. It will be a while before a decent version is released.
01.12.2018 22:10 by Amteloletom on Taipan GodShip
Are this mod can be used in VoTG?

Or in the future?
26.11.2018 10:10 by relanat on Taipan GodShip
Oops. Just noticed it is Warly not Warty. Sorry, my bad.
17.11.2018 08:07 by griffen26 on Playership Drones v7 Beta
is this going to be updated
15.10.2018 21:13 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.8 beta
Updated to 1.8 beta 3.3 at 1004 downloads. Has many changes. Most of the added items in part 1 can level up at dock services for a fee. Saves will be broken, and a restart is required.
27.06.2018 04:55 by relanat on Taipan GodShip
Wartys problem solved.

V5 uploaded at 91 downloads.

Requires 1.8b2.

Fixed duplicate dockscreen actions.

Added Target module; thanks to DigaRW. Target a ship to get ship info, change orders or sovereign, restore or destroy the ship.

Added All Globals to Debug Screen action.
04.06.2018 06:36 by Digarw on RATA i16
Nice ship you got there...

I fell like playing retro games, a few render to images miake them more better.
30.05.2018 04:27 by relanat on RATA i16
Nice work. Well done. This mod is a lot of fun.

If you change the starboard ArmorSection from segment="3" to segment="2" then the third armor segment will appear in the armor HUD. And thank you very much for the comments in the mod about what the different bits of code do. Invaluable.

Also there are a heap of really good graphics modders who are on the forum or Discord who can help with any graphics problems you are having.
30.05.2018 01:05 by vcant on VCant Heliotrope Gunship
A very fast ship - equiped with solar armors, Dual Recoilless Cannon and a NAMI Missile Launcher.


+ update last Entity code (Ship Imagine) to the standard modding

+ increased the starting credit :-)

30.05.2018 00:51 by vcant on VCant OSA-IAV

+ update last Entity code (Ship Imagine) to the standard modding