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08.04.2019 07:17 by relanat on Captain's Log 3.1
This mod will cause crashes in game version 1.8. There is a cut down replacement mod called Commanders Log on xelerus. Use that instead.
03.03.2019 23:10 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.8
Updated to 1.8.1 at 1181 downloads. Added few new weapons, removed some other items, and did other minor tweaked here and there. Restart required.
07.02.2019 03:25 by relanat on Taipan GodShip
OK.It appears the filename cant be changed so it downloads as TaipanGodShipV4. But The current uploaded version is V6. I didnt realise this so it probably happend with V5 as well.

Next version wil be on the Multiverse anyway.
01.02.2019 03:59 by relanat on Taipan GodShip
V6 uploaded at 288 downloads.

Requires 1.8b4.

Mostly small changes but installed playership items can now be enhanced and stations can be targeted to get information and manage uninstalled items.
31.12.2018 19:55 by PM on Playership Drones v7 Beta
I have an update planned, but it may not have all of the features due to how ships are implemented, especially in Vault of the Galaxy.
31.12.2018 19:52 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.8
Updated to 1.8 beta 4 at 1099 downloads, featuring minor changes and bugfixes. Restart required.
04.12.2018 09:59 by relanat on Taipan GodShip
Unfortunately this mod does not work in VOTG. There are three different types of ship in VOTG so I think it will need three different godships. There is an early version here https://forums.kronosaur.com/viewtopic.php?p=76006#p76006 but is has many bugs and incomplete features. It will be a while before a decent version is released.
01.12.2018 22:10 by Amteloletom on Taipan GodShip
Are this mod can be used in VoTG?

Or in the future?
26.11.2018 10:10 by relanat on Taipan GodShip
Oops. Just noticed it is Warly not Warty. Sorry, my bad.
17.11.2018 08:07 by griffen26 on Playership Drones v7 Beta
is this going to be updated