Playership Drones View Mod
Screenshot This mod lets the player acquire and command a number of playership drones. The drones behave much like wingmen, with some differences. The player can also connect and swap ships with a drone, at which point the old ship becomes a drone. While the player is piloting the ship, he can upgrade it as he sees fit.

Requires Transcendence 1.9 beta 1 or later.
Categories Wingman, Ship (Player)
Author PM
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Added (Last modified) 26.05.2020 (12.06.2020)
Game Version 1.9a1
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Downloads 140
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PM 11.06.2020 03:13

Reuploaded at...

24 downloads: Enabled rebuilding of ships exclusive to Corporate Command, and maybe fix some minor bugs.

30 downloads: Enabled rebuilding of ships exclusive to Near Stars library.

42 downloads: Enabled rebuilding of ships in the Ancient Races library. Vault of the Galaxy now has support!

PM 12.06.2020 01:06

Reuploaded at 46 downloads with minor bug fixes. Ships will avoid looting stations with scourge nanos and older Tor Quan swifts may be repaired.

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