Stephinian Laser Cannon View Mod
This was supposed to be part of a larger mod, but I thought it was such a neat idea I had to go and share it.
It is, simply, a very powerful laser. However, it uses a LOT of power, and adjusts its power intake and damage output to match your reactor size. The idea is that you'll have to manage your power carefully if you're using the super-weapon, otherwise you'll run out and the weapon- or your shield generator- will disable itself.
It also drains your fuel tank pretty quickly, so that's another incentive not to blast every random pirate you come across with it.
It isn't balanced perfectly quite yet, but I'm open to suggestions.
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Author schilcote
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Added (Last modified) 20.12.2012 (20.12.2012)
Game Version 1.08l
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RPC 20.12.2012 14:18

Ooh :D nice. Also, welcome back schilcote!

schilcote 22.12.2012 02:17


Anyone have any balance suggestions, or do I have to start posting mods under a pseudonym to get people to take them seriously? :P

Also, I just made cake.

Viymese 22.12.2012 08:47

Well, I would be happy to install it on my Debug Ship and run a complete game with it, see what its like. The ship isn't an OP SOB, its just an Oromo-Class with a few extra Credits at the beginning and a slitghy larger Reactor.

schilcote 22.12.2012 13:34

Go right ahead.

Just note that it's configured to set its power level to the highest-power vanilla reactor whose power output is greater than or equal to your reactor's- i.e., if you have a 30-MW reactor it'll act as if you have a 50-MW unit, and therefore be unfirable.

schilcote 22.12.2012 14:13

Oh gosh darnit, since when does (objSetDataField) exist? I wish I'd known about that eariler...

schilcote 22.02.2013 02:19

Mod of the month? Was this the only mod that was uploaded that month, or did someone mis-click?

RPC 02.03.2013 15:22

Well, there weren't many mods that month...

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