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Screenshot Do you ever look out the window and think "Oh golly gee those are some good looking ships those AI are flying, I wish I could get my hands on one of those..."? Well if this is you then look no further!
Brokers Expanded is - as the name would suggest - an expansion of the ship broker system, adding in some much needed variety to go alongside our regular cohort of ships.

Part 1 contains most of the Commonwealth ships, and adds no new ship brokers.

Part 2 adds brokers to stations like Korolov or the Centauri settlements to sell their ships (or the comandeered ships of their enemies).

Part 3 contains the Commonwealth Impound, a randomly spawning station that sells more exotic ships impounded by the Commonwealth.

Ship availability is entirely down to RNG, the ship broker RNG system is very black and white, so I can't do much to improve odds.

Shoutout to IronParrot for giving me the kick up the ass I needed to get this update out.
Categories Station (Friendly), Ship (Player), Challenge
Author Luna!
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Added (Last modified) 07.07.2021 (21.02.2022)
Game Version 1.9b3
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Luna! 08.07.2021 16:49

Updated at 4 downloads:

Version 0.2, The Ronin Update

Module 3 contains the Commonwealth military and all 3 Ronin variants. The Oromo now has a hero image courtesy of Nym and Song

Luna! 12.07.2021 07:51

Updated at 17 downloads:

Version 0.3, Hammerheads!

Module 1 now contains the Hammerhead + II, the Medium and IAVs now have hero images courtesy of Alex Konigsberg, and the Britannia now spawns with a NAMI Launcher and missiles rather than an NM900.

Luna! 22.07.2021 22:46

Updated at 28 downloads:

Too much to fit into a comment, but squished the mod into parts, part 1 deals with vanilla brokers, and part 2 will deal with new brokers on existing stations.

Also added a bunch of misc ships!

Luna! 22.07.2021 22:47

Oh, that comment forgot to add that part 2 now exists, BM brokers and Centauri brokers are in!

Luna! 30.07.2021 03:12

Updated at 41 downloads:

1.9b4 came out, so now we have nice images for the Earthzone(s) and Sapiens!

Added Earthzone and Antares variants, also fixed a couple of minor bugs.

relanat 05.08.2021 14:05

Brilliant. Nice work.

Shane Filomena 23.08.2021 03:06

I Like this idea - I have flown many of the ships in the game, I do enjoy the Antares ( all )

Luna! 21.02.2022 15:46

Updated at 303 downloads:

Too big to fit in here, but the IronParrot update has a ton of stuff! You should read back up at the top for an updated synopsis of the mod.

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