Big Mules V3.01 View Mod
Updated in 1.9.
Requires 1.9 or higher.
Adds the 550M Mule auton to the game which has 100 tons of cargo space and the 770M Mule auton with 150 tons of cargo space and light blast plate armor.
Adds a Cargo space command which shows the remaining space in a cargo auton. The auton bay also shows remaining cargo space for autons in the cargo hold.
Adds a Move here command which moves explorer and cargo autons to the playership location. Handy for parking autons over a planet or sun.
And explorer autons now have a Launch and Explore action in the auton bay.
Thanks to Tobiusinamour for the idea, NMS for the Cargo space command idea and George for a great game.
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Added (Last modified) 16.09.2022 (16.09.2022)
Game Version 1.9b3
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