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Screenshot "The Stalwart-class, manufactured by Infinity Aerospace, was designed primarily for defensive rolls. With support for up to six weapon mounts, the Stalwart can easily be prepped to fend off any unwanted visitors at a moment's notice. You will also find no shortage of support for useful devices on board this ship. Another notable feature of the Stalwart-class is its ability to equip unusually heavy segments of armor for its size. Maxing out at 15 tons per segment, it can easily be turned into a flying tank."
The Stalwart is a full-blown custom player ship with everything that a custom player ship could possibly need. It also includes friendly variations of the same ship which you will see flying trade routes throughout the various systems.
Probably still needs some tweaking here and there, so do post any suggestions or complaints you have to be sure that I am aware of them and can update this ship as needed.
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Ship (Enemy), Ship (Player)
Author Aeonic
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Added (Last modified) 18.11.2009 (08.12.2009)
Game Version 1.0 RC2
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Prophet 18.11.2009 00:55

This ship looks excellent, I can't wait to see them buzzing around.

Aeonic 18.11.2009 02:07

I'm a little iffy about how dirty it looks. I have a cleaner version, but it looked a little featureless when sized down.

Aeonic 19.11.2009 03:22

I re-textured this ship to give it a cleaner look (as reflected in the picture). The textures used also fit with other Infinity Aerospace ships.

Atarlost 19.11.2009 20:24

Keep the dirt in the large image for the ship selection screen, but leave the in game model clean and shiny (and easily visible). The grime made the ship look pleasingly battered.

Shrike 24.11.2009 00:29

I've just tried this thing out....and it's excellant. The agility is bang on what I'd expect for a big gunship like this...and it's great fun to fly! :D

Aeonic 24.11.2009 01:30

I'm glad you like it.

I should point out to anybody using this ship that, when dealing with armor segments, the front segment is about half again as likely to be hit as the side segments, while the rear segment is only half as likely to be hit. So if you end up with uneven armor sets, make sure you always have your best armor installed in front because that's where it'll be needed the most.

Aeonic 08.12.2009 02:59

I've uploaded an updated version that changes the NPC ship's behavior to wander instead of trade routes, since trade routes don't seem to be working right with them docking at stargates and mules and such.

I've also added a hostile NPC convoy using the most advanced version of this ship, which you'll encounter around level 6 systems.

I'm considering lowering the max armor segments to 14 tons, just to rule out those 15 ton worldplate segments.

Atarlost 08.12.2009 07:31

This ship might benefit from the new armor system in to allow 15 ton armor in the broad forward segment while having a lower limit on the other segments. Worldship plate is only disproportionately powerful if you can use it in all your segments because of its effect on shields.

Aeonic 08.12.2009 09:11

I'm extremely leery of using things that don't work 100% with the vanilla game. If varying armor segment weight limits melded seamlessly with the game (including ship selection screen), I'd consider using it.

Atarlost 08.12.2009 22:25

Overriding the armor mass check is absolutely seamless within the game itself.

Aeonic 08.12.2009 23:26

I suppose since technically the dock screen reads that it supports armor segments "up to 15 tons", then having only one segment that supports 15 tons while the others support, say, 12, still makes sense. Although this would need to be specified in the ship's description.

Aeonic 08.12.2009 23:30

I'm still concerned about whether your NWA stuff is totally contained within the ship definition or not so that it doesn't influence anything else in the game? Are there any potential conflicts when using it?

Atarlost 09.12.2009 02:10

It's not totally contained in the ship defenition, but the armor limiter overrides only one builtin function and the original version is called whe the staticdata isn't present. The device limiter overrides a couple dockscreens and could potentially cause conflicts, but the armor limiter only overrides a function that doesn't do anything except check the mass of armor.

Shane Filomena 01.05.2011 12:22

I have used this ship : never had an issue with it:I found nothing conflicting. the convoy ships have actually helped me out with windslavers a few times. However, I did increase it's speed and changed it's weapon so it was more wolfen in my opinion , but thats just custom fitting to my player style.

Matt 22.08.2011 08:47

Can you make it work for 1.01 or up ?

WillyTheSquid 25.01.2012 00:36

Works very well for me. It seems slightly weaker than the Sapphire (slow acceleration/turning/cargo capacity), but the heavy armor equip and extra device slot balances it our pretty well. (The slower turning is actually a plus for me... it makes long-distance precision sniping a lot easier.)

One thing I especially liked was the shape of the armor segments. The forward and side armor pieces are relatively large. Finding a really strong plate of armor early on will make a lot of difference in head-on confrontations.

The early game for this ship is enjoyably challenging. The starting shield & armor are really weak, but I like that it comes with a fast-fire laser.

All in all, great ship. Would love to see more playerships like this, ships that offer a well-balanced, challenging and different game experience.

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