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Screenshot Repair droids are small tracked vehicles that crawl around on the ship repairing damage.

the basic model can only repair armors up to level 9, but the advanced model can repair up to level 12 and damaged devices up to level 9.

like a patch spider they fix armor, unlike a patch spider they are smart enough to hide inside your cargo hold if your shield goes down with enemies in the area, and come back out when it's safe.

In addition the droids will fight any pteravores that board the ship.

tip: both repair droids should function normally on any ship, player or non.

tip2: an advanced repair droid can't fix itself(or anything else) if it is damaged, but another, undamaged one can.
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Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 22.11.2009 (16.09.2010)
Game Version 0.99c
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Azar Wolf 23.11.2009 01:45


glad to see you got it working!

how does it work in a ship using worldship or meteorsteel plate/dust however?

Bobby 23.11.2009 02:28

It considers no-shield the same as down shield, so it will hide if enemies are within 95ls, then get back to work when they are gone.

Aeonic 23.11.2009 23:04

Am I the only one who thinks it makes items look out of place when they have a custom item graphic and nothing else in the game does?

Sounds cool. Now you need to invent the Advanced Sentient Patch Spiders (ASPS) which will absorb technology from your ship, build more of themselves and eventually take over the galaxy.

digdug 27.11.2009 14:18

great work bobby! what about now dropping an overlay on the playership to actually see the droid or the patch spider at work ?

Bobby 28.11.2009 06:08

Re-uploaded at 75 downloads, they will now try to fight any pteravores that board your ship, but may be damaged in the fight.

@digdug- I could make an overlay of the droid zapping at the armor, but I don't know how to position it precisely(sysVectorPolarOffset only seems to work in increments of 1ls), or compensate for different sizes of ships.

Aeonic 28.11.2009 06:48

I kind of imagine that they'd be too small to actually see from the map screen.

digdug 28.11.2009 17:35

well, i was thinking about using the same graphics positioning code of the pteravores, and more or less the same size. I don't really know how to do it :P

Aeonic 28.11.2009 22:50

I'd think having a bunch of pteravore-sized machines crawling around on your ship graphic would get old really fast.

Bobby 29.11.2009 21:07

re-uploaded again, should work better with meteorsteel armors, and may fix a bug where the droids won't hide (i had forgotten a ;).

schilcote 06.12.2009 02:06

Can they fix anything or just other damaged patcher robots?

schilcote 06.12.2009 14:56

This also gives me an idea...

Bobby 14.12.2009 05:37

re-uploaded again.

no major changes, if it works for you already no need to download again.

BUGFIX: incompatibility with version .99c caused by the pteravore fighting feature. the zip now contains two versions, be sure to use the right one.

Aeonic 14.12.2009 06:13

Did you fix all those things that were pointed out on the forum?

Bobby 14.12.2009 14:43

schilcote: they can fix anything that gets damaged that is installed on your ship, up to level 9. when the ventari break something for example. they won't fix what's in your hold for balance reasons.

Aeonic: yes, except they will still uninstall even if the hold is full, but that's intentional.

Aeonic 14.12.2009 22:53

I still think the custom item graphic doesn't fit in the game. Unless george decides to go through and give all the devices custom item graphics, yours will just awkwardly stand out.

Azar Wolf 01.02.2010 04:40

Apparently this mod conflicts with RC6 [Reported on behalf of Ishman(IRC)]

Azar Wolf 01.02.2010 04:44

... Never mind, as it turns out that Ishman relealized after the fact that there were two versions, and he didn't notice, so there isn't any problem. >.<

Sorry about that. (seriously, people need to get their own xelerus accounts)

Bobby 16.09.2010 02:49

Re-uploaded at 895 downloads: the 1.0 repair droids are updated to use the new armor repair code, and they will hide even before shields go down.

Dragonz 19.09.2014 18:49

Can this work on 1.3 and future releases?

Digarw 06.02.2016 11:39

Very creative, I will test it out.

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