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Nice to meet you. I made a new weapon. I am glad when you enjoy it.
Maine of this Mod is an independence type weapon. I expressed an independence type weapon using Omni.Please do not hit it from the front of the enemy plane with the shield. The movement of the independence type weapon links a targeting program.
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Author Yamada
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Added (Last modified) 10.05.2010 (10.05.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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Prophet 10.05.2010 13:47

nice job! those are some nice weapons, very original. They could use some more balancing but overall excellent job!

Yamada 10.05.2010 14:04

Thank you for an impression. Are some these too strong?

Iocrymdestroyer 10.05.2010 14:29

To help clarify the description, these weapons are omni or of some variant of an omni weapon, like rotating x degrees freely. If this is incorrect, since I havent actually downloaded this yet, let me know.

Yamada 10.05.2010 14:59

Hey Iocrymdestroyer.Did you become plain in this? Sorry my English is poor.

digdug 10.05.2010 15:08

genius ! extremely innovative use of failsafe and fragments!

digdug 10.05.2010 15:09

wait, "filesafe" ?

Yamada 10.05.2010 16:21


I fixed the wrong point.Thank you for playing.

Iocrymdestroyer 11.05.2010 01:28

Im not too sure what you mean by plain.

PKodon 13.05.2010 05:49

Iocrymdestroyer: I think what he was asking was whether you could understand what he said in his description.

Iocrymdestroyer 14.05.2010 00:40

Ahh, now I get it, I could somewhat understand it.

Leo 12.07.2010 23:07

I can not understand what weapons to use to shoot these missiles ._. help plz!

Avalon4 08.09.2010 22:20


Do you mean the CSPF weapons?

Those require ammo of the type "SeeD", for example "SeeD-Familiar"

Matz05 27.09.2010 04:23

This looks really good, I kinda... translated the descriptions the best I could if anyone wants them. English not your first language? Keep up the good work!

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