Northwind Devices for Transcendence 1.1 beta (1.08b minimum) View Mod
Revamped for 1.08b. Not backwards compatible.
Contains the following script examples:
onFireWeapon in a launcher: nwiTrafalgarturret, nwiParthianMLS
Dynamic FireRate: nwiMinigun
Dynamic Damage: nwiPlasmaCarronade
dual mode using onFireWeapon: nwiRanseur, nwiParthianMLS
Chained shots: nwiChainLightning
Variable transparency with onShieldDamage: nwiDirectionalShield
auto-recharge weapon using virtual ammo: nwiIonHowitzer
Dynamic armor damage balancing: nwiLiquidArmor
Controllable shots: nwiOrthrus
quadruple mode weapon: nwiOrthrus

Any script within this mod may be used with attribution in other mods for the game Transcendence.
Categories Weapon, Usable, Shield,
Station, Quality approved, Devices,
Developers Vault, Balance approved, Auton,
Author Atarlost
Rating 3   0
Added (Last modified) 19.07.2010 (11.06.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
Filesize 70.85 KB
Downloads 4274
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Atarlost 19.07.2010 22:01

If you downloaded from the downloads page you have 1.01 and should use mod #555. At the moment they're nearly identical, but this version takes advantage of features that are new in 1.02, as will future versions.

Recup 08.08.2010 05:31

Wow. I like it. thanks Atarlost

sushanta 16.09.2010 16:03

how do i use a mod

Curudan 16.09.2010 18:28

It says on the "F.A.Q." link up on the top of the page.

erik dela cruz 30.06.2011 00:40

i've said it before and i'll say it again. Northwind rocks. Thanks for the Cerberus, the Mangonel,the Tesla Ion How., the Starfire and Claymore and the Assault Auton(it's pretty slow moving though). Many thanx Atarlost!!!!

Atarlost 28.03.2012 04:56

Now updated to use 1.08 style hit effects and benefit from some tweaking that happened as a result of the Weapons Extended 5 effort.

WillyTheSquid 28.03.2012 16:30

If I understand this correctly, all of the devices in this pack are also in the WE5 WIP, right?

Atarlost 18.05.2012 08:13

Yeah, everything in this is in WE5.

Atarlost 11.06.2012 23:19

Claymore finally retains ammo selection when mode switching. (I missed the ticket getting closed)

Also has item graphics for energy ammo.

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