Psionic Metals' Idolknight-class Heavy Fighter View Mod
Screenshot A port of the starfighter seen at , which is released for free. The manufacturer (Psionic) and class of this ship (idolknight) are the screen names of the modeller and texturer respectively.

This is a heavy fighter equipped with a pair of modified lancer cannons (an excuse to make use of the blueparticle weapon effect) and a MAG Launcher with 2-1000 400 Hexagene MAGs. It also comes with a Class II Deflector and 4 segments of Heavy Titanium plating, giving it a shield-armour rating of 45-45. Maximum armour upgrade is up to six tons per segment.
The default reactor power is 19 MW, which is just enough to fire everything that comes with it. Cargo space: 30 tons, upgradeable to 80 tons. Starting credits is 233 dice rolls of a 9-sided die. Maximum devices: 9; 4 weapons and 6 non-weapons.

Re-uploaded at 852 downloads on 26/07/2012. Changes include decreased rarity of the dual light lancer.
Categories Ship (Player), Weapon
Author Androgeos
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Added (Last modified) 26.08.2010 (26.07.2012)
Game Version 1.01
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Darth Saber 26.08.2010 19:43

You rendered the ship well, and have a good website. Quite impressive. A++

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